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Jet - Pak Padded Envelopes     
Jet - Pak Padded envelopes Shredded paper paded 12 1/2inches by 19 inches. These padded envelopes are bulk unprinted #6 size envelopes (12 and 1/2 by 19 inches). these are not self sealing. With all the auctions all over the internet these are increasingly in demand. Companies and individuals use these everyday.

These are filled with shredded paper for increased protection while you mail your products. Great retail item to sell in stores
OLJ Unit Price: $0.20  PhP10.00
MSRP: $1.25

Inflatable BACKPACKS

The inflatable Bubble Back Pack is made to put your stuff in so your stuff goes with you! Inflatable bags are the new style in a world where accessories rule. Available in blue, green,yellow, clear, pink or black with flowers or butterflies, Each order will be of the same color. Colors picked at random unless specified.
Approximate size 12" tall x 10" wide
Style No.: IBP3322
OLJ Unit Price: $2.00 PhP 100.00
Retail Price: $12.00
Inflatable hand bags

Inflatable Hand bags come with their own shoulder strap and are approximately 15 inches across by 11 inches high. The inflatable hand bag is made for all your carry-ons, papers, and personal items so you can keep them with you! Inflatable Hand Bags are perfect for traveling, and even for going down to the pool and more! These inflatable bags are super cool in addition to being super durable because they are constructed from high grade pvc plastic in blue. Inflatable Hand Bags are made of thick yet flexible plastic that will repel water and is easy to clean and the adjustable nylon strap fits everyone. Inflatable bags are both stylish and practical.
Style No.: IT3990
OLJ Unit Price: $2.00 PhP100.00
Retail Price: $12.00