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Vintage Ladies Black Oxford "Welteze" Shoes, 1915-25

Unworn old store stock.  The rubber heel is made by Goodyear with a June 1, 1915 patent date.  It has a the triangular pointy toe popular until 1925. Original black laces. Although the box is worn out and the part where the shoe info is written was not there, the shoe came with a tag that says: "Welteze Shoes: These shoes are more flexible than the ordinary Welt Shoes. They have EMPHATICALLY BETTER SOLES than the ordinary Welt Shoes. They SHOULD be more COMFORTABLE. They WILL be longer WEARING. Try them and remember the BRAND." (You can see the tag from the photo).  Leather is supple with no evidence of dry rot and shoes appear wearable.  I believe this shoe is about 6 to 6 1/2 in modern size.

This is currently on auction at ebay with  Item #582050227

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