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NEW 700Mhz AMD, 64MB, 20GB, 56K desktops $320.00
Processor : AMD DURON Processor 700MHz
Motherboard: Microstar Part # ms-6378
System Bus: 200 MHz system bus
Cache: 64k+ 64k L1 Cache & 64k L2 Cache
System Memory: Hitachi 64MB shared RAM, Up-gradable to 512 MB
Integrated Hard Drive: 20.0 GB Ultra DMA Hard Drive Seagate U-Series 5 Part No. ST320413A
CD-ROM Drive: 52X CD-ROM Drive
Integrated Modem: G.V.C. 56K V.90 Modem card
Integrated Diskette Drive: 3.5" 1.44 MB Diskette Drive
Keyboard: ACER ps/2, Part No. acer6511 Internet Keyboard
Mouse: Logitech ps/2
Power Conservation: Hibernation and sleep 110/120V by alternative switch
OLJ UNIT PRICE: $400.00 PhP20,000.00
MSRP: $770.00

HP ScanJet 3300C USB 36-Bit Scanner
600 optical resolution.
36 bit color depth.
USB Interface (Cable Included).
Power by 110v AC adapter - Output 16VDC 900mA.
Drivers included are for '98 Only - NOTE: 2000 drivers can be ordered from HP Direct.
This amazing deal includes the following:
HP PrecisionScan LT Software.
Scanning Utilities and OCR Library.
Adobe PhotoDeluxe.
Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000.
PC with Pentium processor.
CD-ROM Drive.
32 MB RAM or more.
200 MB available disk space.
VGA monitor (256 colors).
Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.
OLJ Unit Price: $45.00 PhP2,250.00
MSRP: $ 110.00

These unique paper shredders comes with an adapter so can be used both ways, with cordless or with an regular electrical outlet. Each can shred 3 sheets of paper per pass in 4 seconds. Solid steel cutters for rugged durability, cac shred with paper clip or staples. Comes out at 1/4 inch strip cut. Regular size 9 inch entry width accepts standard letter and legal size documents. Can shred up to 3500 sheets on one set of batteries. Requires 6 "C" batteries not included.

OLJ Unit Price:$12.00 PhP600.00
MSRP: $49.95

Brand New Fellowes Smart Shred Paper shredder only
These Smart Shred Paper shredders are brand new in a blisterpack package. Each has auto start, a 3 sheet capacity, 1/4 inch shred size and 4.5 inch entry width. Great for shedding folded sheets of paper. Has universal basket fit, is wall mountable and is a product of Fellowes.
OLJ Unit Price: $8.00 PhP400.00
MSRP: $29

RCA AM/FM Cassette Walkmans with headphones in bags

Bagged RCA AM/FM Walkmans. Great condition.
As is min. order 100.
OLJ PRICE: $3.50 each PhP175.00
MSRP: $15.00 each

State-of-the-art technology was used to create this cordless RF system with a built-in speakers, and a PLL system was used to solve the problems of moisture and temperature sensitivity while also reducing static and echoes. The Mirror Phone is an evolutionary design that easily fits with any car mirror, proving itself to be the only product of its kind on the market today.
One Touch Function
When Mirror Phone is connected to a cellular phone, simply press the "on" button to answer any incoming call. At the conclusion of the call, Mirror Phone automatically shuts itself off.
- Automatic ON/OFF function
Mirror Phone's power source is structured to be on stand-by, after 30 seconds it automatically turns off, and on incoming calls automatically turns on preventing wear and exhaustion of the battery. When making a call simply press the cellular phone's dial button or open the folder and it will turn on automatically.
- Built-in Speaker System
Mirror Phone also has built in speakers of the highest quality, capable of supplying the listener with clear and exacting sound, despite car noise or road turbulence. It also comes equipped with a
volume control function which allows the listener to set the volume to their personal preference.
- Recording Function
Mirror Phone is equipped with a recording function of approximately 15 seconds for important messages while driving. Simply press the record button to record, the playback button to hear the message, there is also a auto-delete function that deletes the oldest message after 2 messages
have been recorded.
- Mute Function
Mirror Phone comes equipped with a mute button that lets the driver hear everything while preventing anything to be heard by the other caller. This function is useful for three-way conversations or teleconferencing.
- 2 Power Sources
Regular batteries can be used as well as a cord to the fuse box of the car, either can be used at the convenience of the user.
- Silver Coated Mirror
After installation of Mirror Phone's silver coated mirror, the driver's rear view is considerably expanded, and during night driving, the rear view glare of headlights is also eliminated, creating a
safe driving environment -Compatability With All Phones
Mirror Phone can be connected to any phone that has a connection port, for phones without a connection port a multi-jack can be used to connect the phone and Mirror Phone.
- CDMA, GSM, TDMA, Compatible
Mirror Phone is compatible with all digital cellular phones whether CDMA, GSM, TDMA
OLJ Unit Price $30.00 PhP150.00
MSRP: $46.00
Style No.: SB467

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Ultra Super Slim 'Mouse-Pad Phone'
- 6m/m only in Thickness and abt. 200g only in Weight
- Working Space Saving/Working Time Saving/Hands Free
* Perfectly Unified Function for both of Computer Mouse-Pad and Telephone
- Large sized Buttons make you easier to press.
- High Technology Background makes you communicate while you are at computer mouse-pad work more comfortable and easier at the same time.
- Specially Treated in Embossed Surface of Key Pad makes you more comfortable..and easier in your mouse work.
OLJ Unit Price $29.00 PhP$1,450.00
MSRP: $38.95-45.00 (Depending on the store)
Style No.: SB 8932

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This product is designed in combination of compact handset with speakerphone and PC mouse, allowing you to make a call while using mouse. It is a complete hands-free SPEAKERPHONE MOUSE.
1. You are free to use mouse even while you are speaking over the telephone.
2. An incoming call would not interrupt your work on the computer.
3. Its ergonomic design eases your wrist tension.
4. You can make a call even when the computer is off.
5. Earphone cable does not block your passage because the earphone port box is placed outside.
6. You can make a call without a separate power source.
OLJ Unit Price $22.00 PhP1100.00
MSRP: $ 44.00-50.00 (Depending on the store)
Style No.: SB 3712

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