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   Gift products made of wire, metal, tin and wrought iron craft incorporated with indegenous materials
   Products made of bamboo, wicker and rattan such as hampers, trays, baskets ...
   Handmade giftwares, decorative Crafts utilizing different indegenous material.
   Picture frames, decorative mirrors and  jewelry boxes made from volcanic ash.
   Wooden products such as articles for daily use, crafts, toys, gift boxes, carved products, wooden castles (form is changeable), kitchen utensils
   Wooden toys
   Toys made of metal
   Stuffed toys
   Game boards

   Promotional bags made of eco-friendly and durable native materials in Asia
   Bags and wallet made of recycled paper
   Leather bags

   Handmade paper which is a tree-less paper since it is made of wild cogon grass. Paper can turn into holiday decor such as balls, angels etc.
   Christmas cards, postcards and tags

   Leather shoes for men, women & children
   Synthetic leather, canvass
   Slippers (rubber & leather) for men,women & children
   Army boots and reproduction military boots
   Industrial grade shoes
   Shoe inserts, sole, laces

   Embroidered Linens which includes but not limited to pillowcases, placemats, table runners, table cloths, towels, blankets, duvet cover, bed shams
   100% cotton, Poly/cotton
   Various thread counts and sizes

   Made of recycled materials
   Tiffany lamps, Mission lamps, Art Deco lamps
   Contemporary designed lamps
   Lamps made of bamboo, wicker, steel
   Desk, table, Accent, buffet & wall lamps

   Branded stocklots
   T-shits, dress shirts, trousers, denims, khakis etc.
   Children Clothings
   Uniform Apparel, pajamas for all ages
   garment accessories such as buttons, garters, zippers, hooks etc.

   Frozen & live fishes and shell fish (Blue dotted grouper, Tilapia, African Catfish) , live mud crab, king crab and  tiger prawn.
   Fresh, frozen fruits & purees such as papaya, mangoes, bananas, durian, coconuts in various packaging
   Sugar (Brown & White)
   Wheat and Rice
   Hard Candies
   Fruit Preserves such as jams, dried mangoes
   Cocoa & coffee
   Agri products