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NEW BATMAN FIGURES Made by FUNSKOOL, a Hasbro Licensee in India
Minimun order: 6 cartons       Maximum: None
** Special discount for volume orders **
**Item No. from left to right**
*BM#8979 Cyber Gear w/hi-tech armor & power launch weapon  $132.00/16 units

*BM# 8900 Bane w/body slam armor action & Venom Tube  $132.00/16 units

*BM# 8901 Knight Star Batman with Star Blade Rocket Launcher $132.00/16 units

*BM# 8902 Bomb Control with Techno Armor Backpack  
$132.00/16 units

*BM# 8903 Rocketpack Batman with Firing Turbo Thrust Cannon  $148.50/18 units

*BM# 8904Bruce Wayne Batman with Snap Batman Armor $132.00/16 units

*BM# 8905 Dick Grayson Robin transforms into Robin w/high tech gear  $132.00/16 units

*BM# 8906 Rustle Gul NEW COMING IN NOVEMBER! (Not in picture)
FOB USA: $8.25
MSRP: $18.50

*BMD# 8980  Fast Pursuit Batman w/techno bike backpack  $165.60/16 units

*BMD# 8991 Highwire Batman w/quick escape, cable wire  $144.90/14 units

*BMD#8992 Mechwing Batman w/mechanized soaring wings
$124.20/12 units

*BMD#8993 Triwing Batman w/techno glide backpack
$165.60/16 units

FOB USA: $10.35
MSRP: $23.00

*BMCS#8440 Disaster Control Batman w/techno Rescue pack $118.72/16 units

*BMCS#8441 Skydive Batman w/working parachute for surprise attack $133.56/18 units

*BMCS#8442 Tornado Batman w/whirling weapon
$133.56/18 units

*BMCS#8443 Anti-Freeze Batman w/firing shield blaster
$118.72/16 units

FOB USA: $7.42/unit
MSRP: $19.25/unit